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About Us

Window Protection You Can TRUST
For all makes and models of Tractors and plant machinery

Tractor Guard was invented in April 2011 in Birmingham, UK by a farmer (Bill Rushton) and an engineer/auto electrician (Matt Smith).
After seeing and hearing stories of smashed tractor windows caused by flying debris from hedge cutters, flail mowers and while transporting tractors. The pair began testing ideas to prevent this.
With operator safety and owner costs in mind, Tractor Guard was born. Tractor Guard’s protective shields are made from a clear polycarbonate, similar to material used in police riot shields, and are held in place using durable suction spacers and bungee cords.

Tractor Guard won 2012 LAMMA (UK’s Leading Farm Machinery Equipment & Services Show)
Most Innovative Farm Invention
Tractor Guard is now sold worldwide.
To become a distributor please email info@tractorguard.co.uk
Thank you to Farmers Guardian for interviewing us for LAMMA 2012